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Website Speed Optimization

Slow websites are a pain for everyone involved. Users don't want to wait, and businesses can lose leads and revenue. Google also penalizes slow websites in search results. 

We can help speed up your website and give you a competitive edge. We start with an in-depth analysis to identify the exact load time and specific areas for improvement.

The Approach

There are a number of things that we focus on. We approach speed optimization by conducting an in-depth site analysis by crawling a website’s code. From there, we are not only able to figure out the exact load time of your website (the average is 5 seconds), but we can also able to generate a list of tasks to help optimize the speed for future visitors.

Some Page Speed Tricks

Some of the things we address include working with image optimization, content delivery strategies, and making sure the code on your site are valid. There are a number of technical considerations we can work on once we evaluate the current state of a website.

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